• BIO-TECture is a leader in the design and manufacture of unique Building Integrated Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic (BIPV) products, created in Los Angeles - California.

    BIO-TECture is committed to using the latest technologies to construct carbon-neutral, net-zero energy buildings by transforming common building materials into practical, cost effective and visually appealing sources of renewable energy. 

    We at BIO-TECture are firm believers in sustainability, not just for its environmental and social benefits, but for its financial benefits as well.  Applied intelligently, sustainable products and practices have been proven to add significantly to a corporation or organization’s profitability and productivity.

    BIO-TECture combines beautiful, flexible design and innovative Building Integrated solar solutions to both existing building-retrofits and new construction projects.  BIO-TECture offers a full range of solar thermal (hot water) and solar photovoltaic (electricity) power generating solutions. Our products utilize both active (energy generation) and passive (energy savings) properties.

    BIO-TECture’s flagship Hybrid Shades™ use a patented integrative design to provide the industry’s first SRCC-certified, building-integrated solar thermal collector in aluminum architectural structures from sunshades to façade sun shields, trellises/canopies and guardrails. Added benefits include limited solar heat gain, UV & IR filtration, thermal and acoustic insulation, improved natural light and antiglare, all of which save energy while improving comfort and productivity. 

    BIO-TECture is committed to continuous research and improvement, currently developing a second generation of thermal Hybrid Shades™ as well as the first solar photovoltaic products available for commercial indoor use, designed to provide in-situ generation of electricity.